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02-21-2013, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
You mean the Romulan Warbird with 2 tac consoles, 5 turn rate, battle cloak and no dual cannons ?
I hope that a Romulan faction's vessels would be as sci-focused as Fed ships are Eng-focused and KDF ships are Tac-focused.

I might buy this proposed BoP set. Maybe. I've paid money, not farmed dil, for a number of ships previously, almost all KDF. I dunno, for me it'd be all about trading the 23 turning rate and 80 inertia of the B'Rel Retrofit for the extra rear mount and ensign boff slot, unless the console set was really neat stuff. I'd rather see a super flexible BoP than a BoP with a rear mount and an extra boff slot. More turning, more speed. Maybe a variant that gets shields like a sci ship but hull like a Hoh'Sus.

I'd really like to see some better sci-focused ships for the KDF, but... I think tacs are boring. I just think it sucks that our best sci ship is the CStore Varanus, a KDF equivalent of the Fed's (free) DSSV, discounting the Temporal.

Well, any which way you slice it, there's plenty of room for things to happen.