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Originally Posted by rustiswordz View Post
All these nerf threads.

Are you complaining that a ship is too powerful, or is it the case you don't know how to equip or use your own ships properly (which is the point isn't it?) so you have to moan at those who do?

Just an observation.
I see your observation and reject it. My tanking build can take on every single battleship on Elite simultaneously (all 14, I've done it) and not die. That same build gets EATEN by any Escort.Likewise, I've got an Escort that kills Cubes and Recluses if they so much as blink at him wrong.

I've played for two years, flown every type of ship. I've got 6 characters (3 on each faction; one of each class per faction). I KNOW how to fly a ship,how to make a build, and even what to respec into for a build. I love DPS Tacs. But, there's nothing balanced about any of it. Hence the topic from which I was directed here, calling for just what you're complaining about. Link's in my signature.
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