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02-21-2013, 08:16 AM
That pets have all of these extra procs and powers, and that those procs and powers even come close to comparing to those used by players, is a serious problem. Procs are chance based for a reason. Powers have cool downs for a reason. Allowing pets, something you can flood the screen with, to increase the chances of a proc or a power being applied is incredibly difficult to balance for.

I'd be interested in seeing what might happen if their proc chances were reduced drastically and their abilities were only a fraction of a player's own tier 1 version. Pets would still be useful they just wouldn't be as silly as they are now.
Foundry: Yet Another Borg Mission
It's terrible but easy, and these Borg are way cooler than the mess STO and Voyager left us.
May not actually be "way" cooler or even "slightly" cooler.