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02-21-2013, 07:16 AM
Originally Posted by ikuruyo View Post
On the Diplomats. I have found that if you come to a complete stop and let your character go into a normal standing position (not the just stopped running one) and then interact with the Diplomat it will give you credit every time. Of course you cant be shot or disturbed while its happening or you have a good chance of losing credit as well. Its REALLY touchy.

On the 3rd Diplomat just let them run around till they stop moving and are in one spot THEN do the above.
If they did proper QA and/or listened to the feedback they got from Tribble when testing that season before release, a stand-just-right-while holding-your-jaw-in-just-a-certain-manner workaround wouldn't be required.

Or, if they prioritized fixing the already in-game broken things more than pushing out more new broken things, this would have been addressed months ago.

I like that there is a workaround, and I appreciate others sharing it. I just wish that at some point after these issues are identified, they know...fixed.