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02-21-2013, 08:19 AM
Over half year I have been farming for my KDF consoles, leech, aceton, interceptors, marauding party, graviton beam, subspace jump, bio-neural... etc etc.. I paid zen for my kdf luxury, why shouldn't you pay for it? you already have luxury, say it to your 50k hull tiny rock sized escorts with 5 tactical consoles, and then come back to our 30k bops that have no aft weaponry or boff stations, we have cloak and nothing else, not even a single raptor with 5 tac consoles, I thought raptors are war machines of damage and destruction... feds have nothing to offer us anymore, you gave us your point defence system which is only decent in KASE to take the probes out in no time. sure if we give anything away to you, you can have that ****ty barrier generator just like you gave us photonic displacer and impulse burst, give us your universal multivector module, battle cloak console for our gurambas and bortasques and that wierd emission seeking torpedo gas detecting console!
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