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02-21-2013, 07:21 AM
Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
just use a polarize hull or apo, those will brake the tractor immediatly

when your hull is less than 50% wont you use fleet support ? c'mon man ...

you want your alpha build to work on every situation ? if you complain so much, i would like to see you fighting someone with eject warp plasma, gravity well3 and 2 copies of tractor beam, its not about the pets you are complainning, its about how limited is your build, and how bad you want it to work

This is BS.

those pets tractor you and use chroniton you hit apo then the vesta ship tractors you and spams you with 2 copies of VM, your practically dead in the water 80% of the time,,im a tac in an escort and i have no problem with cool sci abilities to combat fast moving power punching escorts but pet spam with tractors/cobalts/chroniton and everything else people mentioned is total BS.