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Hello archvile9876!!
My name is Daxx and I represent the Phoenix Rebirth fleet! We are a casual International fleet of gamers and welcome all new comers! Rank and experience matter not! We are a small fleet and aren't growing as quick as some but in trade off we are a relaxed fun loving group of gamers from all over the world! We are always happy to help new players ( I hate it when people say noobs its sound mean) and welcome you to try us out!
We really on have three rules:
1. Please be active in fleet chat so we can get to know you as part of the team!
2. Please respect your fellow fleeters and gamers of all rank and experience we were all "noobs" once (ugh what an awful term)
3. Have fun!
Feel free to contact me, or ROBERTJOHNSON@Pendrillion here or while in game!
Good luck in your search for a fleet!
[i]We Are Phoenix Rebirth. Rising from the Ashes we are reborn again and again and continue to grow as fire burning across the Milky Way galaxy.