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02-21-2013, 08:50 AM
Has anyone considered the absolute insanity five dhcs will cause regarding procs, let alone damage?

...phasers will be absurdly OP in pvp as we all know - they disable one subsystem for five seconds - so just imagine the 'fun' of having your shield routinely disabled more often and theres nothing you can do as by the time you hit a shield heal, your hull is gone as you have five of the most powerful weapon types in the game doing its own damage (+ crit) and 30% on top due to CRF

...Oh...and what about hybrids? phased polaron, for example...

Yeah...I think we have a bug smasher...One things for certain, I'll keep out of pvp until the 'next best thing'(tm) appears and the 'OPari' is put back in drydock on most peoples accounts