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02-21-2013, 08:01 AM

Originally Posted by Season 7 Dev Blog #38
* One fore weapon slot is occupied by Kumari Wing Cannons. This weapon can be removed and replaced by a different weapon, but it cannot be equipped on ships other an Andorian Escort. Only one may be equipped per ship at a time.
** Upgraded Mk XI Very Rare Andorian Phasers may be purchased from the Dilithium Store only if you own at least one ship from the Kumari Line, and can be equipped on any ship.
I had planned on pssing on this in the first place because none of these $50 packs grant me an account wide ship slot unlock. JamJamz did a great job on the look of these ships! It's a shame that you have to spend a crap load of DL on top of $50 just to upgrade the special weapon.