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Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
Just wanted to answer a few of the questions I've seen on this thread.

1. The Wing Cannons have a higher base DPS than Mk XII DHCs, but their energy drain is even higher (15). They have a very slow rate of fire and a cooldown between shots; they're essentially like "super" heavy cannons. They're listed as having [DMG]X4, but that's just to give you a ballpark figure, since there isn't really anything directly comparable. They're really more like an entirely new weapon type.

I'm aware Accuracy is more popular among most players than raw damage, but damage was thematically appropriate for these cannons.

5. The Andorian Phasers (other than the Wing Cannons) are standard phasers in terms of stats. They're just color tinted to look appropriate for an Andorian ship. The ones on the Dilithium store are MK XI Purple quality, similar to other Diltihium stores. They're [Acc]x2[Dmg]. We may release more variants on these eventually, but probably not in the immediate future.

6. The "glass cannon" comment on the blog refers to both the bridge officer layouts (which do not allow for much self-healing, especially the Tactical variant) and the fact the ship does not have the Fleet bonus to Hull or Shields.

Firstly, may I just say that these ship are IMO worth the wait. Look utterly incredible.

A few niggles though.

Firstly, I don't feel that damage is more "thematially appropriate" on an andorian ship. In enterprise, they were shown to possess advanced sensors even capable of penetrating Xindi shields. To quote memory alpha "The long-range sensors utilized on board the Andorian battle cruiser were more sophisticated than those utilized on board Starfleet's NX-class. (ENT: "Proving Ground", "Babel One") These sensors were capable of scanning a star system from a distance without betraying the vessel's presence." (

Even the andorian bridge has large radar like dishes on it, in both the show and now this game. The two piece bonus on your new andorian set even mentions enhanced andorian targeting arrays.

They even have ANTENNAE on their heads. Andorian BOFFS possess acute senses trait, and aenar have blindsense. Whilst they do give off a more aggressive feel than other fed species, to say that aggressive = dmg doesnt sit right in my mind when andorian weapons on the show were often subtler (for lack of a better word) than their comtemporaries.

Take the ushaan tor knives (would love these in game btw). Smaller than lirpas, batleths or swords, but are wielded by with greater speed than more umbersome melee weapons.

To my mind, giving the wing cannons [Acc]x2 [CritH]x2 or similar would be more apppropriate, and more usaeble since this is a big feature of a ship with such a large price tag. Even the other andorian phasers use Accx2, so why not the wing cannons?

Secondly, whilst I love the look of Andorian themed phasers, 23,000 dil (or around 220 zen at current prices) to get average MkXI weapons seems silly, since as discussed elsewhere the [DMG] mod sucks. We can pick up Phaser [acc]x2 modded weapons for a fraction of the price elsewhere. Given that MkXII is becoming the new standard for top level gear, why not a) make them mk12, b) change the dmg mod to something else, such as CritH or even a second proc (like hull resist debuff or suchlike). Either that or I'd lower the dil cost a lot.

This is made even more questionable by the possibility of adding more (read superior) versions of these weapons at a later date. Why shell out almost two thousand zen worth of dil on outfitting your ship weapons when more competitive verions of the same weapon could be just around the road? Thats not to mention elite fleet phasers, and potential new weapons from new reputation factions (i would imagine with pvp and tholian factions we'll see new phaser and tetryon gear respectively)

As to the glass cannon BOFF layout: I love the layout on the Charal and Khyzon, and I reckon the Kumari just might have been too powerful if it werent for being forced into another Lt. Tac. My only issue is that extra Tac doesnt have any conceivable use at all, papart maybe from running attack pattern delta/beta or maybe BOverload with a dual beam bank. Will we ever see more useful/varied low level Tac powers?

Personally, I think I'll go Charal. Room for another RCS will help me a lot more than another Tac console, and depending on the quality of the gear it comes equipped with I'll either stick with my Tetryons (from my andorian themed Ushaan escort) or keep the best default gear and add cheap acc modded phasers in place of the wing cannons and beam arrays.

My final question is what is the ETA on the re=species token, or at least new species skins for our characters? My fed is up to rank for 4 in most commendations, has a ton of bound gear and is well advanced in fleet and reputation systems. I would love to change him to even look andorian, without having to start from scratch.

Kudos again on making such fantastic new ships. They look awesome, and putting the weapons to one side I reckon theyll play brilliantly.