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@ marcus - *points to the nose* This LC was a chance for me to reveal a part of her past without getting deep into it. Just fyi - I wrote her bio in-game the day I started playing, so her experience prior to Starfleet was already in place before this LC. A small hint was seen in LC 35 (iirc).

Although I too wish the LC were weekly, I would not have made LC 38 if that were the case. So, I'll satisfy my writing "need" by taking the time in between current LCs by working on past LCs. Maybe my character(s) will make more sense later ...
It ended with Kathryn tooling up to on a mission to kickass and take names, didn't it? It was a good one I think for me, the problem I have with the fortnightly challenge, is I get ideas in between which I think have potential, and then the LC goes in a totally different direction Although as mentioned to GulBerat, I had a totally different initial idea for this LC, which I decided to not pursue, and decided to go down the route I did. I'm just hoping that by introducing Eleven, it hasn't taken away from the impact of Lambert's departure... That was why I felt it appropriate that the story end with him getting a proper send off, regardless of his actions on the bridge.