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02-21-2013, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by felixhex View Post
During space battle only, at some point every ability from Boff to my captain is set at a 2 minute cooldown. It happens randomly it seems but at the same time I am also recieving some sort of damage, I cant remember what right now. I will find that out and put that on here later. But, for those 2 minutes my ship is hardly damaged. I only wonder if this a bug or not because of the damage it says I am recieving during this. Any advice would be appreciated. Imagine doing PVE with a group and you are sitting there doing nothing. For 2 whole minutes. I have already submitted this if it is a bug but have nothing about this.
A fix is in the works. However, as a work around you can refrain from using your beam overlaod ability, (some people suggest it is the engineering station ability that is the root of the issue, and it might be, but removing beam overload entirely should avoid this bug).

I retrained my BOFF from beam overload, to fire at will. This allowed me to still have access to the engineering ability (which was more useful than the beam overload), while fire at will is not a bad replacement for a beam boat. I have not seen the 2 minute cooldown since.

But a fix is on the way, and it is indeed a bug.