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02-21-2013, 09:50 AM
@Gulberat: Thanks. I intend to cycle through character perspectives for the next few literature challenges and give folks interested in reading them all a pretty good view of how the various interpersonal relationships between the characters work.

Our cast consists of the following, though they won't all get a spotlight.

Khas Ker'at - Arkathian. Dour and inscrutable.
Vionne Tarayl - Trill. Cheerful and violent.
R'ath - Reman. Intense and awkward.
Klath'war, Daughter of Klath - Klingon. Moody and disconsolate.
Von - Breen. Musical and philosophical.
Amanda Pike - Human. Focused and and reliable
Twelve of Like, A Bajillion - Borg drone. Sardonic and dry.
Doctor Agrippa Roma - Photonic. Bland and pretentious.
Floyd Lovegood - Human. Has seen things that can never be unseen.

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