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*Between Birkin and Rebel Space. R.S.S. Matthew Neilson, answering mysterious transponder signal and proceeding to location at Warp 15.*

Matt: How long?

John: 30 minutes. The location appears to be a Class M planet, barely.

Matt: How did a rebel ship end up this far into uncharted space?

XO: We can ask them when we arrive.

Matt: Right.

Engage cloak.

Ops: Sir.

*The Matthew Neilson cloaks.*

Matt: Forrester to all hands, Yellow Alert. Medical Personnel, stand by for rescue operations.

*The Yellow Alert Klaxon chimes.*

*30 minutes later, the Matthew Neilson arrives in orbit of Birkin, decloaking and running a planetary scan.*

Matt: Report.

John: I'm detecting a little over 5 Million inhabitants. Romulan, Gorn, Human, Klingon, Vulcan, Reman, Tzenkethi, Dalosian, Betan, Rigellian, Tellarite, and Betazoid.

Matt: Suggestions as to what this place is?

XO: A Bermuda Triangle?

John: Unlikely. I'm reading ion trails leading away from the planet.

Matt: A concentration camp then?

John: More like a prison planet. They just dump prisoners here and leave them to rot.

*The proximity alert chimes.*

Sir, I'm picking up a Republic Vessel on the other side of the planet!

Matt: Hell! Red Alert! Cloak up!

*The Red Alert Klaxon sounds and the lighting dims as the ship cloaks.*

Did they see us?!

John: I don't think so. The only reason I spotted them was because of the planetary scan. The only way they'd have spotted us was if they were looking for us.

Matt: Let's try and keep it that way. Staff Meeting in the Situation Room.

*2 minutes later. The Senior Staff meet in the Situation Room.*

Suggestions people?

John: Sir, we can't just leave these people here.

XO: What if there's a good reason that they're here?

Matt: Commander, aside from the Transponder Beacon, is there any indication of comms equipment on the planet? Anything to indicate a security force?

John: No. In fact, quite the opposite. Several of the races seem to be segregated into camps. Gorns are on their own, as are the Romulans, Remans, and the Klingons. However, there are also Klingons in the Fed-Republic Camps, and the Federation Camp is very close to the Klingon Camp.

Matt: So it's separated into factions, with a political structure?

John: Barely.

Matt: Doctor, opinions?

CMO: Captain, the Imperial ship has been dropping basic provisions, but the Romulan camp and Gorn camp have been taking the supplies before anyone else can get to them.

Matt: Legal?

CMO: Not exactly. Technically, they're providing basic provisions by dropping the supplies, but they're not ensuring that it reaches all the inmates. They're also not providing medical aid to the "inmates".

Matt: Councillor, search every legal transcript you can find on the treatment of prisoners under interstellar law. If we go in, I want to make sure that it's clear that this is a liberations, not a prison break.

Councillor: Yes sir.

Matt: Lieutenant, I want you to prepare a heavily armed away team. Have them ready to beam down in 1 hour.

Security Officer: Yes sir.

Matt: Doctor, prepare a medical team to accompany them. Commander, you'll go too.

XO: Yes sir.

CMO: Understood.

Matt: John, find an ideal beam-down point.

John: I'd suggest beaming down near the transponder.

Matt: When will we next be in transporter range?

John: Remaining cloaked, decloaking just long enough to beam down the relief team, we'll be in range in 2 hours.

Matt: Councillor, I want your legal opinion on this by then.

Any questions?


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