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02-21-2013, 09:08 AM
From the universal skills everyone get: Abandon Ship is the worst. By the time your hull is low enough to even be able to use the skill most players will be in panic mode, using every healing/defense boosting ability/item they have trying to survive. And even if the decided they wanted to use Abandon Ship A: It take to long to activate, and B: chances are even with the kamakazie AI nothing will be near you to be damaged by it.

For skills a player can waste a Boff slot on: Boarding Party gets my vote. Your in a combat situtation, you've given the order to lauch shuttles filled with special trained troops to board a hostile enemy ship and what do you get? Well first off you get a buggy skill that may or may not actually lauch shuttles when try to use it. And even if you do the shuttles are being piloted by sight seeing tour bus drivers, who just slowly cruise along at half impulse. On top of that if the target gets destroyed before they get to it, they will just sit at the targets last location and do nothing. At least high yield torpedos know to change to a new target and keep going. If they somehow manage to make it to a live target it is then time to play the RNG lottery and hope their abilities activate.

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