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Originally Posted by maximus614 View Post
So according to you we would need a vesta with the wells backstep using 3 piece maco, and placates with sub jump,,cobalt mines,,apo,,,tgt aux,,TDD,,PH,,phot shockwave,,,let me know when you find this ship.
Those are all options on how to get out of a tractor I never said you could use all at once. So learn to read a statement before replying. Also I've fought to vestas and an armatige all at the same time, they all had de-noobs and it didn't bother me at all. Again they ATnT that bad there are plenty of counters and with the VM lets see counters are Red matter, a norm battery, an EPt subsystem, and eng team, also if your spected to defend it it last all of 2 sec
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