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02-21-2013, 09:52 AM
In before the inevitable gleeful wall of absurdity: Cannons do not have an overload ability only rapid fire. Beam Overload does exactly what it is meant to do: Dump enough raw power into the system to provide an extreme burst of energy power to the weapons for a burst at a single target then cooldown back into normal operation. Just as BFAW does not allow players to control what is being targeted, neither does Scatter Volley. It only appears as such since cannons have a much smaller firing arc. Thus the pattern of fire appears more controlled than appearance dictates.

Cruisers and Engineers excel at heals and soaking damage for extended periods. Science ships and officers excel and debuffs, hazards, and the highest shield modifier in the game. Perhaps everyone should share the wealth, no? Season 8: The Grand Amalgamation. That would likely be the final season as the game itself would lose all relevance.

Synergy. It's what the doctor ordered.
All cloaks should be canon.

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