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02-21-2013, 09:58 AM
Whatever Gene would think is irrelevant, I suppose. I do not mean that the question by the OP should not have been asked, it is a good question, and prompted good discussion, so please do not think by irrelevant, I mean the question itself was.

Gene put a product out there on the market, and his liking what it has become, or not liking it, has no bearings on where it will go. It is a chance you take, when you sell your idea. Since I was a child I have drawn my own "comics", created my own characters, and throughout my life I have been asked why I never got into the business.
Even were I good enough, which some believe I am, I would not wish to sell my "art" (yes, in quotations, lol, art is in the eye of the beholder, much like beauty). It will be given to my children, who enjoy reading it. I find nothing better than to hear "Dad, where is the comic you were doing, I want to catch up."

It is funny, though, that on the other hand, I would not hesitate to sell a short story, or a novel for that matter, and when this "writer's block passes"..or maybe just laziness, I will continue writing one I plan on attempting to publish. Once the item is sold, depending on the rights and such, it may no longer be mine. However, I personally take consolation, and I am sure many writers/artists do so as well, in that it is simply fun putting something out there, and waiting to see what it becomes.

From reading some things about Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry, he was not happy with some of the plots, and some of the designs. However, he always took pride in knowing that he was the one to come up with the characters, and the world they reside in.

Now say what you will about Cryptic, and I know there are always those that will complain no matter what, but they have put together an awesome amount of information that truly sticks to the Star Trek theme, while reaching to gamers as well. I know it isn't a popular thing to say, about any online game anymore it seems, but I am very pleased with STO, despite the little bugs, that yes hit me too, and some of the marketing gimmicks. They are a company, that provide a product, that you do not have to spend one dime on if you so choose not to. How would Gene feel about it? I enjoy it, therefor, it really doesn't matter to me.
May he rest in peace. This is not a post against him, or even meant negative about him. He was a creative person, and did a very good job with the product he created. He was a visionary, especially for the time he created it in. He was also apparently something of a business man, and I cannot fault him for that either.

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