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02-21-2013, 11:03 AM
There are 2 problems with the sysyem as it is.

1: Trying to find someone who not only has a toon of the right class, but also has put the 3 or 6 ranks in the right skill to unlock the ability to train in the skill your looking for. Which for alot of skills isn't a big issue since they are linked to skills almost all players are going to put ranks into, but for some skills you looking for someone who has a very rare/odd build.

2: Having to trade a boff to someone. This has two problems, the first is it opens you up to having the boff stole, its rare but it does happen. The second problem is it requires the person to have a open boff slot to be able to help. All my toons use all my boff slots, for my ships and/or awayteam layouts. So even though I'd be more then willing to help someone i can't.