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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Sure if BFAW puts all Beams on a collective cool down and BO puts a single Beam on copl down as well.

I say this snarkingly becuase I completely disagree with your idea and the need for it.
To some extent, Beam Overload does put a single beam on cooldown, along with all other beams arrays as well. It has a pre-fire delay, power drain, and stops all other beams from firing for the duration of the ability. So yes, it does already have that handicap. As far as Beam Fire At Will is concerned, I actually wouldn't mind a cooldown as a drawback.

I could say more, but I don't feel like getting into a finger-pointing match. All I'm saying is that for their sheer effectiveness, cannon abilities don't have any drawbacks when compared to beam abilities. While one could say the same of torpedo skills as well, but the difference there is that torpedoes actually need skills in order to be effective.

Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post

So the 45* firing arc of the cannons isn't handicap enough ? If I wanted to use weapons with 6 times the coverage as cannons I wouldn't need to fly a ship with paper thin shields and hull.
Well, my main concern is cannon weapons generally being outright superior to beam weapons. A cruiser with 4 cannons/4 turrets is far better with Rapid Fire/Scatter Volley at blasting single targets and groups than an 8 beam with Overload/Fire At Will, with the further bonus of being far more amenable to using torpedoes as well. It'll also use whatever weapons power you devote to your weapons in a more efficient manner as well

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