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# 40 consumer rights
02-21-2013, 10:22 AM
here is something for cryptic to think about.
we all love the idea of new content brought to the game but when it comes to new ships there no longer tested on Tribble .this becomes a major problem for the consumer .
when a new ship comes into play there is the chance the new ship will have its stats messed about with so when you buy something like the new Andorian ships at the present time you are in fact having a gamble.they look all nice and everything but what to say after you buy this ship a week later or so the stats get mashed over. you have paid for some product that you thought was going to be good to end up it being stuck in a museum after spending your hard earned cash on that so called item.
so cryptic you need to test these things out and deal with the stats before you release them into the hollow deck so people like myself know exactly what where paying for.
i like how you say note the stats are subject to change that does not give you the right to do so you dont go into a garage and buy a brand new car and for the garage sales man to say the cars are subject to change we might have to sell it you with no wheels.
so before you end up with law suits i suggest you use the tribble server as it was intended .
i would love to buy the set of Andorian ships but until i know exactly what i am paying for i will wait .