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02-21-2013, 10:57 AM
Personally, I'd like to go for the ability to airlock, or generally turn into cooling meat anyone excessivly using Q party poppers in social zones... Yep, definatly like that idea..

I'd also like to have colision detection in social zones... so those that greif peoples social events in game can have a squad of Gorn acting as bouncers do the lizard wall thing and force them out of the area.

I don't like griefers in area where people desire to Role play. If folks want to use STO as an avenue for RP, by all means let them. It's not like they're hurting anything...or trying to break the game, or explit bugs. But I have seen it used against them, and seem non rp types act to silence players that just want to rp. I've seen them do it just to because they can get away with it.

Not very Trek of them.

Khemaraa sends

((Oh yea, pretty much ditto on the rest of the idea's.. need some more ships for the non Klingons of the Empire..could use some more Klingon ships too.))
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