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02-21-2013, 11:31 AM
I personally think that bug fixing should be a priority because having bugs and not trying to fix them is unprofessional and shows your lack of caring about the state of the game. I know their are some people that wont spend a cent on games if their are bugs and they are not fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

When I first started playing the game their was 2 missions "Second Wave" and "Boldly They Rode" that I had a hard time completing because of bugs that did not allow me to advance. Took many many tries before I was able to advance. I almost quit the game because of that. I had checked on stowiki and it said those bugs had been present for several months. That is unacceptable for such major bugs to be present for so long. Imagine how many people quit or refused to spend money on the game because of such bugs not being fixed for so long.

Happy players play more and spend more and players are happy when bugs are fixed in a timely manner and when they don't encounter bugs for long stretches. Also if a game has bugs fixed in a timely manner and don't encounter bugs in long stretches they might recommend the game to people they know. Their is nothing but positives to fixing bugs in a timely matter.