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# 9 Why you ask..
02-21-2013, 11:51 AM
Stakers are only useable in the Atrox, pergrines can do dps, IF you keep them alive, flyers drain is only usefull *if* you are going for shield drain. So out of that mess what works the best with the strox...runabouts, why, they're ulitity to the Atrox. That is Unless you find a way to do damage with a boat that hasa turn rate of...5.

As to the guide, wont ever find one...why blaim the in game tooltips. Yes they are effect by consoles, but you better off downloading act with the sto plugin for that honestly.

Really at this point (and im reading between the lines + asuming on this) but I would just say you know what, drop in a escort, its fairly simple to master, dont have to think about anything, and would give you the best in terms of raw damage. (In fact I still prefer my mobuis for that reguard, I use my vesta for my team surport).