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02-21-2013, 11:53 AM
So then what is the point of having said consoles if you have to either choose to use your main cannons (which provide more DPS) when using CRF or CSV, over using your Wing Cannons to do a hit on the shields or an aoe? haven't bought my ship yet since im at work but the stats say the wing cannons only go to Mk 11 is this a typo or correct? also do these consoles have a 30 sec, 15sec cd when used or a 1,2,3 min cd like other consoles?

The point of having special consoles on ships is to boost the dmg output or have EXTRA abilities that work along side your BOFF abilities. If in this case you say that its in order for it not to be spammed one after the other or at the same time, then you need to change all other consoles to work the same way, for example you cant use EPTS while you are using TEAM fortress, or you cant use Deuterium device when using Full impulse. These are the types of things that these consoles are used for to buff existing abilities not to replace them.

On a separate note, this ship was held back and delayed for release for whatever reason you want to say, and in all that time you did NO testing to make sure the ship worked properly ????? what is the point of the tribble server if you don't put anything in there to test and verify functionality, or you don't even care to check the issues that are reported and acknowledge them?