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Darn you Khemaraa you made me hose down my monitor with coffee! I read down to the above section right as I was taking a sip of coffee and lost it. I'm still laughing. On those rare occasions I visit the blue side I see hords of female toons running around dressed to the nines, to put that much attention into their barbie doll makes me wonder about the masculinity of those men playing those toons. I'm wondering when Cryptic will offer the Feds accessories for their toons, things such as handbags, purses, necklaces, rings etc.
Ahh, your monitor has gained great honor by being sprayed down with a warriors morning raktigino! Truely it must be worthy of service to one of the Empire warriors!

I certainly don't mind if the Federation offers such trinkets to thier starfleet females... as long as I get to plunder them! Its only propper they I should be able to take such frippery from those unable to defend thier property from others.. especially as such items will surly look far better on myself then on some weak, scrawny female of the federation. After all, I (and my daughter Uru-Ani) are fine examples of Orion women. Worthy to serve beside the galaxy's premire warriors...and inspire them...

We need a propper game mechanic for orions... what we cannot buy with Lobi, Zen, etc... we should be able to steal, err, I mean "Liberate" for the use of the more worthy!

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