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02-21-2013, 12:03 PM
I personally think this is a great idea. I totally agree that there should be a Zen Cost to it. 500 Zen or so. This would help generate money for PWE in two ways. First there is more C Store sales to re-box items. Second Zen sales would increase as people would buy Keys/Modules to sell on the exchange to buy the re-boxed ships. Why would people buy Zen to buy stuff on the exchange you say? Its because the increased supply would lower the prices on the exchange.

This also benefits the players as many of us can sell unwanted ships and at least get some value for them. Also those sitting on boxed ships have a chance to try them out before selling them. I have a D'Kora in Storage that I am unsure its worth selling or using it, ESP after the Breen ship I received for free this Christmas.

Also as I said before the increase in supply would lower prices and more people can afford the ships/items. Who cares if the same ship gets re-boxed 20 times. Cryptic only allowed one ship to be issued so re-boxing doesn't change rarity. Actually the more the same ship gets re-boxed the more money Cryptic makes.