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@ marcusdkane - I hate and love to say it, but the edits to get Eleven some more detail did take away from Lambert, that the hate part. Yet, the love part is that I still think Lambert was handled well for his part and the revisions have made Eleven's introduction stronger.
Thanks for the feedback I guess if it makes the piece stronger overall, then that's the main thing, afterall, the challenge is titled Lone Drone

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Which, I still can't figure out Eleven of Twelve's tip-of-the-hat. No cookie's for me
In the 70s, there was a series called The Prisoner, where characters were known by number, not name. Recently, there was a re-imagining of it, which featured a character called 11-12 (pronounced Eleven Twelve). In the re-imagined series, the Village was a kind of 'group consciousness', rather than a physical place (very much like Unimatrix Zero) but unlike most of the occupants of the Village who had waking world counterparts, 11-12 was purely a product/construct of the Village, so could never leave it. To use an STO analogy, 11-12 was an NPC, not a player-controlled Toon... I liked the sound of his numbers, and thought it would make a good Borg designation. It was only laterthat I realized, that in many ways, the Borg Queen is like 11-12: A creation of the Collective, rather than a purely assimilated individual, and I figured that an interrupted creation of a new Borg Queen, may result in a separation of consciousness from the Collective, even if not a direct disconnection from it