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Originally Posted by antisocial13 View Post
Has anyone done the analysis for DPS to compare a transphasic torpedo boat build (with the appropriate doffs) vs. plasma burn torpedo boat build, with maybe the Harpang or Rom torp?

Essentially, here's my problem. I'm running sci captains in sci vessels and we often face off to do a bit of PvP within our little guild, since we all have both Kling and Fed characters. At the moment, one of our teammates has an Oddy that runs with almost 32k per shield facing, and add in that he's an engineering captain, I literally can't seem to touch him.

So, if I can't drop those shields (tried CPB and TB3, plus the tractor beam doff, tachyon weps with the Maco tachyon proc), I need to find a way to ignore them and directly damage that hull. Thus, I'm wondering if it makes more sense to try to transphasic him or to burn him out, or both if I use the generic kinetic damage tac consoles. Obviously, I'd have to add in a couple of copies of TBR, but is there anything else I can do to get past those rediculous shields?

The only other alternative is to try to drain him to death, I suppose?

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
i recommend including EWP in any plasma projectile builds. the plasma energy tac consoles buff ewp, and the dot of projectile proc damage. reportedly more so then plasma kinetic consoles do actually. the best plasma boats are cruisers in my opinion, because they can slot EWP3. for escorts and sci ships, trasnphasics are proboly best.
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