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I'm getting rather bored with doing the same stuff over and over on my VA level captain.

So, for a change of pace, I'd like to roll a Science Captain and try something different.

But I'm not really interested in doing this with the standard race options, so I was never really motivated to roll a new Captain.

Then I heard that that they're planning to release Ocampans as a playable race for Starfleet.
This would be interesting to play as, so I immediately made plans to make one when they become available.

But so far, I haven't heard of a release date yet.

Does anyone have a timeframe?
Or can the Devs please state one?

And to forestall the inevitable comments/debates, no I'm not making an "imitation" Ocampan with Custom Alien.
It has to be the real thing, not a cheap knockoff.
Also, the psychic CA traits are rather pointless, I tried them once, felt rather underwhelmed.
Hopefully Ocampan will do better ones!