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02-21-2013, 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
im not a sci ship expert, but it looks like you intended to use torps, with the THY, but you didnt spec into torp damage at all. if your going to use VM, your proboly best off maxing decompilers too.

also consider this, the vesta can mimic the station setup of the intrepid, recon, nebula and deep space sci ship, and can have the same console set up as all 3 of them. the best bang for your buck vs geting the fleet version of any of those ships, is to get the vesta, that can be them and more. and also has a hanger, and can mount DHCs. its kinda to bad that the vesta made all those sci ships so irreverent. it could also have the LTC used for eng or tactical, so even more interesting possibilities there.

the only ships the vesta doesn't make redundant are the nova, ball ship and wells. those can all still have unique station setups it cant mimc
I was thinking about that actually... The Vesta seems like it could do this pretty easy as well.

Depending on how I was going to lay out the weapons I would have used torps on the 1st build, and all beams / turrets on the second one.