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02-21-2013, 01:19 PM
As Far as I know, there are no keys on Tribble. But then again, I haven't seen a lockbox drop on Tribble in ages. So from that standpoint, it might be unnecessary to have them.

As for getting the Wells class on Tribble, since the unpacked boxes are not character bound, my suggestion is this.

Get the Wells Class on Holodeck (as a requisition box, do NOT unpack it), either via the exchange or lockbox, you probably would have better luck on the exchange if you have the credits. Then transfer whatever the character is over to Tribble. If you only want that character over, then that is great and you are basically done.

Assuming you have a tribble character already, or you want to start a new one (or whatever. Basically the character you are transfering isn't the character you want to play on Tribble), Place the requistion pack in your account bank. Then have whatever character it is you want to have the wells class take it out of the account bank. Now you should have your Wells Class.

As for the Voyager, The only thing I can say on that is, one of the veteran rewards was a VA ship token. I can't remember which one, but probably one of the higher ones.

Assuming you have been a Gold member for the whole time, You should be pretty close to 1000 days anyways (which is the max for vet rewards) so Check if you have that. If you do, I believe you can use that to claim the Intrepid Class Retrofit, so again there you go.

You won't get credit for purchasing it, So if you ever wanted a Fleet version (not sure there even is one, but I would imagine so) you would still have to have the max number of Fleet Modules, but otherwise it should be the same and get you want you want.