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02-21-2013, 01:21 PM
Originally Posted by maddog0000doom View Post
im running x2 in sli nvida 580 with lastest drivers windows 7. amd 1100t 6 core liquid cooled

at the moment ive turned all sto settings to low or off (makes it alittle bit better) because the game is unplayable espcialy when u use mouse to look around the game stutters and laggs like crazy.

have tryed dx9 and 11x

im only having probelms with STO all other games work fine. crysis 2 metro skyrim etc.. all work fine with setting set to bloody hell.
Thats your CPU i hate to be the guy with bad news but STO isn't graphics heavy its CPU heavy and your CPU in no way can drive an SLI GTX580 setup combined with the CPU bound problem already and your actully hurting your preformance in SLI. Either upgrade your CPU to intel Core I5 or diable SLI for STO. The other games are GPU bound and you wont notice your CPU bottleneck becuase they do a lot less CPU work. I'm sorry but Phenom II competes with Core2 in IPC and you will get the same problems with a Core2