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Marcus--Definitely think it helped to get some closure there for Lambert. One question: did you mean that he was going to Gre'thor or to Sto-Vo-Kor?
He was going to Gre'thor as a dishonored warrior... There's no honor in attacking a foe who cannot defend themselves, in kicking someone when they're down, and that's exactly what Lambert did when he fired on the damaged cube. Add to that the fact that he was acting without authorization, he had truly shamed himself with his actions, and would have definitely have been facing a court-martial for what he did... Then there's the way in which he dispatched himself... Both the hegh'bat and mauk-to'Vor, require a Second to provide the blade, or strike the killing blow, and while Amanda did wipe the blade on her sleeve as per tradition, Lambert did it all himself, which was against tradition, so some might argue that he had not truly redeemed himself, and he may well find himself on the Barge of the Dead... Am I disappointed that I didn't get to use Lambert more as a character? Yes... I thought he had potential to be interesting, but over the last few LCs, when I realized that Mayer was more Amanda's 'go to guy' than Lambert, I had to admit that he just wasn't pulling his weight on the crew, so had to go...

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(As for the "porn star" thing...that was just something I was doubtful a woman would suggest, though I do think the new edit shows a bit more hesitancy to raise the idea, which does help some.)
I figured Amanda naming a specific person as a template would have been better than saying "guestimate a Human version of the Borg Queen's body", and equally, although I was tempted to have her suggest Meliden use herself as the template, I figured it may have come across as a bit sexual harassmenty, rather than complimentary Also, don't forget that in the Academy Days entry, there was the throwaway line that Amanda also liked women, so not such a totally unrealistic comment for her to make, but I'm glad that the revision worked better

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