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02-21-2013, 02:44 PM
Originally Posted by djconcentus View Post
The big reason why the public testing of ships on Tribble stopped was the fact that 99% of the feedback they got about the ships was people just going "looks cool, I'd buy it," with a very minimal amount of people going and actually attempting to test the ships.
How nice you picked the Vesta as a example because it was supposed to have a "focused" testing group of hand picked people.

Yet the ship have several bugs on release, in fact I recall when stats were initial posted people started to discuss them and pointing out issues, one I certainly remember was the Aux DHCs were at that point were not Vesta-Only and I certainly argued about issues when put on other ships, there were changes on release from the ones initial posted.

Also I have to say its BS, we tested the Bortas and the Odyssey and did offer feedback ... you can check yourself if 99% of the Feedback was people saying it was cool.