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Originally Posted by vangreal View Post
I hate to have to post this.

If this was intentional, it should have been put in the ship notes. Having to choose between using either the cannon abilities OR your tactical abilities makes a big difference.

This is incredibly close to false advertising. I don't need to elaborate as to why.

I would say for anyone who purchased the 3 pack, they should be given the option of choosing one pack and having the extra 2500 zen refunded. At this point, for both pvp and pve, you cannot use the specials and be at all as successful as you would be running standard gear.

I purchased the Ody 3 pack for the consoles. I purchased the Borta's 3 pack for the consoles. I purchased the Kumari 3 pack for the consoles. If they are not working AS ADVERTISED, I expect a refund of 2500 zen, and the choice of just one of the ships.

Thank you.
I actually agree with the above poster. And some may very righteously point out the following statement on the ship spec page: "NOTE: The above stats for all ships are subject to change." and the expectation that things change on a game.

Yes I must agree STO does not HAVE to make any amends on this situation, however that does not mean that they can't or shouldn't. Any kind of shared cool down should have been public knowledge and at the least an apology would be appropriate for not including that in the initial ship specs.

I have not purchased this ship and I would never purchase anything till it has been out a few weeks. I am very cautious and untrusting buyer, and want to be sure I know exactly what I am getting. I make salesmen very frustrated. It would be wise to consider this as a business decision to not make all purchasers of new ships so hesitant and conservative.

Since my first posting on this page many in zone chat and in my fleet have similar frustrations. Most are probably short term buyers remorse, but this will have an impact.

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