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02-21-2013, 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by rosebloome View Post
Thanks for the response and clearing that up!

Where as I can understand chaining these abilities together can give too much burst damage, the linked GCD between BOFF cannon abilities and the console's abilities just seem a little extreme. Currently, it is faster to just not use them, in example, Elite Khitomer Space stf, with probes. Just using one of the console abilities itself won't punch down a group of probes as well as just using the C:SV boff ability. You'd actually be hurting yourself, because suddenly you're auto attacking for the next 15 seconds. At the moment, the only way around this would be to Que up the actual ability itself since its more similiar to a torpedo ability, lasting 30 seconds til used. And Queing it up 15 seconds ahead of time to use it, then switch to cannon BOFF abilities.

Personally, I would think a shared GCD of say 30 - 45 seconds or so between the console abilities, or even higher, would let players keep the rather unique feel of the unique abilities these ships can have, and still not break the game with too high of burst since it would have a longer GCD than the boff cannon abilities would by themselves.

Though, this post now seems like it'd be better in suggesstions. lol
Honestly, I agree with this suggestion. Having the consoles share a longer cooldown amongst themselves would, to me, be highly preferable to them sharing and having the same cooldown as CRF/CSV.

There are several good suggestions in this thread to make them more attractive while keeping them from chaining too strongly with cannon BOff abilities, and I sincerely hope that Cryptic will take a long, close look at these consoles to make them more attractive to equip, rather than an almost strict loss over the relevant cannon abilities.