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02-21-2013, 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
To be clear, these currently *are* intended to have a shared cooldown with Cannon: Rapid Fire and Cannon: Spread Volley.

These console powers are very potent, especially with the three piece set bonus. During internal testing, we tried it without putting them on the cannon shared cooldown. We found that rotating from Tachyon Burst -> Rapid Fire -> Overload provided an extraordinarily high amount of burst.

We do have an internal QA team, and they're actually the reason why these *are* on a shared cooldown - the burst potential was just too high.

We could have put a long shared cooldown (say, 60 seconds) between Tachyon Burst and Overload, but this would have cut down the incentive to have those two consoles equipped at the same time significantly.

We also could have decreased the power of the individual abilities rather than making them share the cannon cooldown - and I did test it out that way internally - but it wasn't as satisfying.

We're still examining this further, but we would prefer to release a ship console a little "weak" and buff it later than release it in too powerful of a state and have to nerf it at a later time.

Again, we're going to keep testing this internally further, and we'll listen to player feedback. We do read these forums on a regular basis, we just don't always have a chance to reply to every thread (either because we're too busy fixing or implementing things, or because we don't want to make a statement about something that's still in flux and may change).
So as per what you are saying here is that you think the combination attack that you would be capable of doing using the consoles and bridge powers are too powerful. But yet you have other ships that possess other consoles that when used in unison with BOFF are too powerful.

so you dont think the vesta consoles are overpowered, or plasmonic leech, aceton assimilator, Team fortress, Tachyon beam, etc etc etc. All abilities when used together create powerful effects some more damaging than others. If you made a console set designed for damage to SYNERGIZE (as you put it in the notes) with CRF and CSV you cant lock out those two abilities from the set it nullifies what you were trying to create. Your essentially telling people that in order to use 1 console in a buffed way you need two other consoles that become useless. its like set bonuses that SYNERGIZE but in this case its consoles not bonuses.

So if i may be so bold here as to ask, Why was this information and limitation not posted with the stats and description for the consoles. You knew it was a big issue, you just said that but yet you what casually forgot to add it into the noted and description?? Its like you just sold me a 50000 dollar car that comes with extra features that i cant use when im using the standard ones. LOL