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02-21-2013, 06:42 PM
Originally Posted by rosebloome View Post
The console abilities ( Phaser Dispersal and Tachyon ) are either bugged, or working as intended, sharing the sAME GCD as your regular boff cannon abilities.

Use either console abilities, your c:sv or C:rf goes to 15 sec GCD. Makes having those abilities on your hotbar pretty useless.

If this is working as intended, then Gal-X spinal lance should trigger all beam abilities. Etc etc.

EDIT: On a side note. Weapon Platform movements and attacks remind me of Funnels on mobile suit gundam newtype suits. >_>

The Gal-X Spinal lance and the Garumba's Javelin in fact both put beam abilities on cooldown.

The Vesta's Quantum Focus Phaser and the Bortasqu' Disruptor Auto Cannon both do not share coolowns with boff abilities, tho.
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