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02-21-2013, 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Rear weapon slots is a weakness? I don't see it. It has the same amount of rear weapons as a Bird of Prey. And right now, a third turret in the rear isn't exactly setting the world on fire with the other Fed escorts.

It's turn rate is as good as the mirror escorts. And lags behind the Bug ship. So I guess that's a weakness. But not much of one.

The boff layout on the tac model is a limitation for sure. But I know some dedicated folks will find a build that works with it.

And the Engineering model and Science model have better BOFF layouts.

The ship will be fine. There will be dedicated Andorian fans who also play the game well enough that they will find ways to utilize this ship.

Now if only Cryptic would create something equally as intriguing and fun on the KDF side. I mean come on wouldn't it be super fun to be given a puzzle like this? 5 forward weapons. 5 tac slots. But some crazy BOFF decisions? On a KDF ship? Challenge accepted!

But alas, Cryptic slacks on the KDF-ness yet again.
It would not be much of a Challenge for a KDF player, we've been working with the BOP for years.

You give me 5 foward Weapon slots and a basic cloak and give you a wasteland