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02-21-2013, 07:08 PM
Originally Posted by gfreeman98 View Post
Elite Force & Elite Force II were both very good. There was even multiplayer, but no idea if that still works.

I must admit I never played Bridge Commander though. If one can still find a copy, does it run on Win7 or do you need something like Dosbox?

Not sure at the moment. I have the disk and I think I will try to install it soon. If its anything similar to other older games that I have installed on Win7, it should work if you install it exclusively into the Program Files (x86) folder. Assuming you like 99% of us run the 64-bit Windows OS's. I have some games like Lock On: Modern Air Combat that will play on Win 7 but only if installed into that folder and not anywhere else since they were 32-bit designed programs. I'll let you know.