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02-21-2013, 07:40 PM
I hope you have been paying attention to the Bug posts. The 3 console ability is chained to the Boff skills so the 3 console ability described in the ship description is wrong, they tested combining the console ability and the benifit from your Boff skills like CRF, and CSV and said that it was OP so when you use a console ability it puts your Boffs into a 15 sec cooldown. So as it sits the ship is more powerful without the 3 consoles than with. So they advertised that you could use CRF and CSV with the consoles then took that ability away, didnt say anything until players noticed that it wasent doing what it was advertised to, they answered that its working at intended beacuse the original setup was OP. But have not took down the page on the STO site that describes it.