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Considering all of the other changes (good and bad) recently, this one seems pretty minor.

The Romulan Support Asset D'deridex Battleship was really cool, albeit quite expensive to acquire, requiring the sacrifice of 5 crewman in addition to the dilithium, rep points etc.

(How Starfleet would allow you to kill off 5 members of your team to get this is unbelievable).

What was cool was the length of time it was available. It literally would stay with you throughout an entire STF as long as you remained alive. There were more than a few missions where I was pugging where after a player bailed, this little baby was handy. In fact if I was playing a hanger capable ship, the Asset would respond to carrier commands.

It was so good, I outfitted all of my toons with a stack just in case.

Enter the dev-overkill nerf.

When it arrives, it immediately heals me or the nearest team member. Shoots for 30-45 seconds, and when the target is destroyed it then disappears.

Seriously. That sucks. Satellite Turrets are far better for doing damage, last 3x longer, and are available for free.

Don't waste your dilithium, romulan marks, ec and personnel for this.

My two bits.

Admiral Thrax