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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
I don't think Gene would what has happened to his creation.I can olny guess he might of fired Bermon and Braga for ever bringing TNG out so soon on the big screen.I know he would not approve of Enterprise and JJs Star Trek.

Bermon and Brag for fired anyway not to long after Enterprise was cancalled.
In reality you don't know what Gene would or would not approve of.

See any posts I've made in the last few days about "Gene can do wrong" stuff.

Its all fine if you may not like the direction TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT took, but the bottom line is they were successful enough to make a profit. I personally think Garfield is a pile of commercialized crap, but I won't deny that Larson is successful doing it.

Trek was a great idea for him and he made a lot of cash with it, and got to do something he enjoyed. Thats great...but a lot of his ideas were pure crap, and TNG improved once he wasn't calling the shots.

Stop making gene out to be some great saint. He was most likely no better or worse than I am as a person and not everything he put his hand to was manna from heaven.