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02-21-2013, 08:17 PM
Wow, good thing I read the forums I would have made a $50 mistake, can you imagine the Tac variant where you have 9 tactical abilities and see half of them on Global Cool Down.

I can see it now

Captain: FIRE!!

Tac Officer: Firing all weapons sir.

Captain: Did we kill them?

Tac Officer: No sir, they have 10% hull remaining.

Captain: Activate CRF

Tac Officer: Um, cant do that its on cool down, sir

Captain: Then activate CSV

Tac Officer: Um, cant do that either, its also on a cool down, sir.

Captain: Then fire a torpedo spread

Tac Officer : Um, Its also on cool down from our initial attack

Captain: Fr**k!!, lets get out of here, Activate APO

Tac Officer: Um, that too is on cool down, remember, we used it in our initial attack, Sir.

Captain: S***!!!, F***, Transfer Shield Strength.

Tac Officer: Um, Sir, we left the Science guy at ESD, you said you wanted another Red Shirt instead of the Science guy.

Captain: WHAT!, then activate the Hazard Emitters

Tac Officer: Um, Sir, that was also The science guys job, we left him on ESD, remember.

Captain: F***!!!, CLOAK THE SHIP!

Tac Officer: Sir, we don?t have a cloaking device.

Captain %#$&!!! %#$@!!!