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I don't think Gene would what has happened to his creation.I can olny guess he might of fired Bermon and Braga for ever bringing TNG out so soon on the big screen.I know he would not approve of Enterprise and JJs Star Trek.

Bermon and Brag for fired anyway not to long after Enterprise was cancalled.
Actually.... Majel Roddenberry did the voice of the computer in JJ-trek. :p

Majel is unique in Star Trek. She did some sort of acting in all six series, and several movies too! She was 'Number One', Nurse Chapel(TOS), 13 TAS characters including Chapel and M'Ress, Lwaxana Troi(TNG and DS9). She regularly did the voice for the ship's computer in TOS, TNG, and VOY, and sometimes in TAS, DS9, and ENT. She did computer voices for some of the movies too, including JJ-Trek.

I can haz joystick!
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