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02-21-2013, 08:26 PM
Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
From what Dstahl said, I think we can look forward to faster patches
Here's how you will know there is a new commitment to the quality of the game, if they should ever really make one:

1.) Moratorium on new content. Bugs more than a few weeks rarely get fixed in STO. The constant addition of new bug buries the old ones and they become part of the kruft. It is impossible to execute an aggressive debug and patch system when your target is constantly moving.

2.) Admission of prevalence of bugs. A minority of bugs reported by users actually get acknowledged in any way. Frankly I have no idea if their in-game reporting system even works or where the ideal place to submit them is. As such, we must assume that Cryptic simply doesn't know or care about the bulk of things that players find. Committing to fixing the game means taking a real look at everything people are desperately trying to get them to pay attention to, and admitting that yes there are bugs.

Until you see these two things, it doesn't matter what Mr. Stahl says in front of a PR mic. We should continue to operate on the belief that fixing bugs is pretty low on Cryptic's To Do list.