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Originally Posted by odyssey47 View Post
Anyways, I'm curious as to the OP's reasoning for finding the Ocampans so interesting, at least compared to the other choices in the game. Not putting down your opinion, just curious.
I'll do my best to answer your query.

I find it fascinating that the Ocampans are polite and soft-spoken, but if they're really pushed, they're quite formidable enemies.
Especially when you factor in their mental strength as compared to other species.
I found it interesting that they were physically frail by comparision to other species, yet their psychic abilities were so formidable that it made them quite intimidating if they chose to use them.

There's this scene which I find particularly memorable.
An alien warlord has transferred himself into Kes' body and is controlling her.
But over time, his control is slipping.
There's a certain scene where Kes draws him into a mental battle and she's overwhelming him with the sheer strength of her mind. He's seconds from death when his medical aide has to intervene to stop the battle.

And I'm hoping to see that reflected in Star Trek Online gameplay somehow.
A race that isn't all that imposing to look at, but are incredibly deadly with the power of their will and psychic abilities.

Mind you, I'm not sure if they'll actually implement the Ocampan psychic abilities, that might be tricky to do!
Also, the series established that it's not easy for an Ocampan to master their abilities, so they might not have them at all.

But that wouldn't be any fun at all.
If they had none of their mental abilities, what's to set them apart from any other telepathic race like Vulcans or Letheans?

The power I'd like to see most is the one I call Ocampan Deathgrip.
It basically lifts an enemy off the ground and causes several blood vessels in the head to pop.
The one time Kes uses it, she inflicts severe pain on her enemy.
It's also hinted at had Kes not shown mercy and released him, she could have maintained and intensified the Deathgrip until he died.

But unsure if they could introduce an ability like that, since it would effectively immobilize the target, cause a DOT injury while in use and inflict a weakened state when it expired.

Would be fun though!
I'd love to Ocampan Deathgrip an Elite Tac Borg, just for laughs.

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