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02-21-2013, 10:41 PM
From the OP:

someday it truely pays to post around here!

Some marvelous idea's poping up.. I do hope the devs are following this thread. Some marvelous brainstorming.

I'd not even gotten to the part of races like the Sona... a faction of non alined races also...thats certainly a concept worthy of thought.. Open things up a little to far beyond what I started with. Though perhapes more along the thought of renagades from the independents.. that would be more of a players roleplay hook though. I'd rather see it open for players to run with on thier own.

As a faction it wouldn't be that much more restrictive in some ways.. I like the concept of at Vice admiral having the ability to either buy or..ehm, steal..or perhapes umm lets call it salvage or other wise aquire faction specific ships.. not all of them mind you. Certainly BOP's from the Klingon, or may I suggest below tier 3 or 4 ships. Not quite as capable as a tier-5 stock, c-store, or fleet ship (some of those of course would be availible, such as the andorian ships, or the Vulcan crusier, or the Catian carrier and the like) And absolutly any or almost any lockbox ships.. though I cant see any reason right now why any should be excluded.

They should be capable in any of the current STF's.. and it would permit.."mercenary" play with the acception that for Omega rep I would think that only omega rep equipment would be availible.. no MACO or KHG gear for that faction...

STill, shouldn't be to restrictive in the end game. Fleet base system would be slightly different. Skill adds would be more of use to the privateer type operator..

SOme definate possibilities..

Compliment Captans.. Lets keep the ideas rolling..

Might inspire the Devs to something more interesting.. though I think we should still see the KDF fleshed our, and the RSE in game first..

though.. a civ faction might be more amenable to use as a bonus faction..its one of the few places where what the KDF faction has gone through would actually make sense..not so much a "real" faction (the quotes are a statement) as a type of player faction.

I personally think the role players would just be all over this like pakleds on a transtator

Khemaraa sends.

How many Romulans does it take to change a transtator?
One to change it, and an entire ships company to suicide over the dishonor of the failure.

How Many Q does it take to change a transstator?
Just one, but what does it want to be changed into, that the real question you must grasp!

How many Federation does it take to change a Transtator.
Just one engineer to change it, 4 more engineers with the assistance of the science dept to reserch the cause oif the failure, 7 tactical specialist to guard the bad transtator form theft or being misplaced untill the cause of thae failure is determined, 22 clerical specoialists to document the failure......

How Many Klingons are required to change out a Transtator?
*Sound of disruptor fire* SOmeone find me a new part!

How many Ferengi to change out a transtator?

*grin* Khemaraa sends
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