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Fun fact about the BOP.
The original was meant to be a stolen Romulan ship, hence the term Bird of Prey and the feathered wing designs. I'm all for more BOP's in the game, but lets not give it an undeserved standing.
NO you are 100% wrong... here is the real story for you.

" The Bird of Prey is one of the most common Klingon ships seen in the Star Trek franchise. Introduced in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, the Bird of Prey has featured in five of the films and frequently appears in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Industrial Light & Magic designed and built the Bird of Prey for Star Trek III, assisted by the film's director, Leonard Nimoy. In early drafts of the script, the Bird of Prey was to be a Romulan vessel; although this idea was later dropped, the Bird of Prey maintained its cloaking device as a plot point in the film and the Romulan bird feather patterns on its wings were kept. The Bird of Prey is the first Klingon vessel depicted with a cloaking device; all classes chronologically later in the series would also use a cloaking device. The wings of the Bird of Prey are able to move, lowering to attack, maintaining just above horizontal in flight mode and raising high when the ship lands. However, as the studio model's mechanism for moving the wings broke, in later Star Trek series' episodes the wings are usually fixed in either flight mode or attack mode. This was not rectified until the creation of a CGI model for the vessel. The studio models for the Bird of Prey were sold in the 2006 Christie's auction; the original model sold for US$307,200,[5] while an enlarged wing, used for close-up shots in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, was sold for US$8,400. " - Wikipedia

There it is... The first draft of the Star Trek III script was to feature a story about Kruge stealing a Romulan ship... however that was dropped and as such has nothing at all to do with cannon. The fact that following Klink Generals commanded bops in the later films is proof that it was dropped. Why would they install proto type cloaking on romulan ships ? The Bird of Prey is a Klingon Vessel... and in the time frame of the next gen... and the time frame of STO... it is the most widely deployed ship in the Klingon fleet... full stop.

ILM under Ken Ralston and with consultation from Niomy developed the Bird of Prey design as well as the excelsior, and the first grand earth space dock. That film was the jumping point for much of what most of us consider Iconic trek.
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